Best iOS 17 features and supported devices

At the highly anticipated WWDC23 event, Apple unveiled an exhilarating software upgrade for our beloved iPhones. With the arrival of iOS 17, Apple once again redefines the limits of innovation, presenting us with a plethora of exciting new features and enhancements that elevate the power and functionality of our iOS devices.

Prepare to be captivated as Apple surprises us yet again with a remarkable lineup of advancements. From enhanced capabilities to refined user experiences, iOS 17 introduces a world of possibilities that will reshape the way we interact with our iPhones. Embrace the future of mobile technology as Apple paves the way for a new era of seamless, immersive, and cutting-edge experiences.

In this blog post, I will share some of the best iOS 17 features you should check out.

iOS 17 supported iPhones list

Before delving into the exciting features of iOS 17, let’s first take a look at the impressive lineup of devices that will receive this highly anticipated update. Prepare to experience the wonders of iOS 17 on the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 14 series
  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone SE (2022)

Now, let’s embark on a journey through the exciting new features that iOS 17 brings to the table. Brace yourself for an array of innovative functionalities designed to enhance your iPhone experience to new heights. Let’s explore the world of iOS 17 and discover its remarkable offerings.

Best iOS 17 Features

Apple’s focus on essential system apps and expressive communication shines in iOS 17. With a personal touch, they’ve made the iPhone more intuitive, considering the features we rely on daily. Prepare for a seamless and expressive experience like never before.

1. Personalized Contact Posters

Personalized Contact Posters 1160x653 1

In iOS 17, personalization takes center stage with the ability to enhance your iPhone’s contact cards. When you receive calls, including from third-party calling apps, Contact Posters will display the caller’s photos and Memoji, accompanied by sleek and vibrant fonts. This feature allows you to customize your appearance as a caller and on your contact card, making every interaction more visually appealing and uniquely yours. Prepare to make a statement and personalize your communication experience with iOS 17.

2. Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail 1160x890 1

With the introduction of Live Voicemail in iOS 17, you’ll never be left wondering why someone is calling you. Your iPhone will display real-time voicemail transcriptions, allowing you to understand the purpose of the call at a glance. Additionally, you have the option to pick up the call while the caller is leaving a voicemail, ensuring you never miss an urgent message. To further enhance your experience, calls flagged as spam by carriers will be instantly rejected and won’t appear as Live Voicemail. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of voicemails and embrace the convenience of real-time transcriptions with iOS 17.

In iOS 17, Live Voicemail transcriptions are conducted on-device, ensuring complete call privacy. With the strength of the Neural Engine, your voicemail transcriptions remain confidential and secure. Enjoy the convenience of Live Voicemail without compromising your privacy.

3. Video voicemail and Reactions on FaceTime

Video voicemail and Reactions on FaceTime 1160x652 1

In iOS 17, if your friend is unavailable to answer your FaceTime call, you have the option to leave an audio and video message, allowing them to view it later. Additionally, FaceTime calls become even more expressive with the introduction of simple gestures that display reactions like hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain, and more. These 3D augmented reaction effects overlay onto your video, adding an extra layer of expressiveness to your FaceTime conversations. Enjoy a more dynamic and engaging FaceTime experience with iOS 17’s enhanced messaging and reaction features.

4. Exciting features in the Message app – Search filter, Catch up, Swipe to reply, and more 

In iOS 17, the Messages app has undergone a redesign, with all the apps conveniently tucked under a plus sign. Searching for specific messages becomes a breeze with the introduction of search filters, allowing you to locate messages with precision. The Catch up arrow feature swiftly takes you to your first unread message, simplifying navigation through extensive group discussions.

To reply to a specific message, simply swipe the text bubble and start typing your response. Voice notes are made more accessible with automatic transcription in the Messages app, ensuring you don’t miss any important details. Additionally, the Inline location feature provides real-time updates of your friend’s location directly within the chat, eliminating the need to open Maps. Experience a more streamlined and efficient messaging experience with these powerful enhancements in iOS 17.

5. Check-in feature in Message on iOS 17 

Check in feature in Message on iOS 17 jpg

In iOS 17, staying connected with your loved ones becomes even more effortless. You have the option to share your location during chats in Messages, allowing your friends and family to stay updated on your whereabouts. Furthermore, the new Check-in function automatically notifies your family when you arrive home safely, providing peace of mind.

iOS 17 also enhances your safety by recognizing if you encounter any issues on your way home and are not making progress towards your destination. The app can provide valuable information such as your current location, cell service status, and remaining battery life on your iPhone, ensuring you’re aware of your surroundings and equipped with relevant details.

Experience a heightened sense of connectivity and safety with these remarkable features in iOS 17, empowering you to stay connected and informed like never before.

6. Live Stickers 

Live Stickers 1536x858 1

iOS 17 introduces an exciting sticker experience with a wide array of new emoji stickers and Live Stickers. With Live Stickers, you can choose subjects from any Live photo and transform them into animated stickers. Add captivating effects to bring these stickers to life. To enhance convenience, the new keyboard drawer conveniently organizes all your stickers for easy access across iOS apps. Enjoy a fun and expressive messaging experience with the enhanced sticker features in iOS 17.

7. StandBy in iOS 17 

StandBy in iOS 17 1536x858 1

In iOS 17, when you place your iPhone vertically on a charger, the StandBy feature offers a captivating full-screen experience. The new Lock Screen displays essential information that can be easily seen from a distance. Customize it with beautiful clock designs, your favorite photographs, or widgets like Smart Stacks, which intelligently surface relevant widgets based on the moment. Enjoy a visually appealing and informative Lock Screen experience while your iPhone is charging with iOS 17’s StandBy feature.

Moreover, StandBy in iOS 17 enhances the functionality of your iPhone by supporting Live Activities, Siri interactions, incoming calls, and critical alerts. You can conveniently use Siri voice commands while in StandBy mode. To promote better sleep, the Night mode feature ensures that excessive brightness is avoided, creating a more comfortable environment. Enjoy a seamless and optimized experience with StandBy in iOS 17, making your iPhone even more useful and mindful of your needs.

8. Share contact card using NameDrop 

Share contact card using NameDrop 1160x607 1

iOS 17 introduces enhanced functionality to AirDrop, allowing for quick and effortless exchange of contact information without the need for typing. With the new feature called NameDrop, simply touch your iPhone to another iPhone or Apple Watch to instantly share your contact details.

Furthermore, the same intuitive gestures can be used to initiate SharePlay, enabling you to seamlessly listen to music, watch a movie, or play a game with others. Experience the convenience and seamless connectivity of AirDrop and SharePlay in iOS 17, making sharing and entertainment more enjoyable than ever before.

9. A brand new Journal app

A brand new Journal app

The Journal app in iOS 17 is a perfect companion for writers, stimulating thoughts and facilitating the expression of gratitude through writing. It provides a seamless experience by offering intelligent suggestions for journal entries based on recent activities such as photos, people, locations, music, and more. With a simple tap, you can swiftly begin a journal entry and capture your thoughts and reflections. Embrace the power of the Journal app in iOS 17 to enhance your writing experience and cultivate a sense of appreciation in your daily life.

10. Create Profiles on Safari 

iOS 17 introduces the ability to use multiple Safari Profiles, enabling you to keep your browsing experiences for different themes, such as Work and Personal, separate and organized. Each profile maintains its own browsing history, extensions, Tab Groups, cookies, and favorites, ensuring a distinct and tailored browsing environment.

With the convenience of switching between profiles, you can seamlessly transition between different browsing contexts based on your needs. Enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of managing multiple Safari Profiles in iOS 17, keeping your browsing activities organized and personalized.

11. Use offline maps

Use offline maps jpeg

In iOS 17, you can save a specific map region on your iPhone, allowing you to access directions even when you’re offline or not connected to the internet. With offline maps, you can still receive turn-by-turn instructions for driving, walking, cycling, or using public transport. Additionally, you can view important details such as hours of operation and ratings directly on the place cards within the offline maps. Enjoy the convenience of accessing maps and directions even without an internet connection in iOS 17.

12. New Mindfulness feature on the Health app

New Mindfulness feature on the Health app jpg

Recognizing the importance of both physical and mental well-being, Apple has introduced Mindfulness features to the Health app on iPhone. These features empower users to enhance emotional resilience and awareness by checking their mental state.

In addition, the Health app provides easy access to depression and anxiety evaluations, enabling users to gain insights into their mental health. Users can also maintain a journal to track their daily moods and fleeting feelings, helping them identify factors that may contribute to their state of mind. With these Mindfulness features, Apple aims to support users in prioritizing and improving their overall mental well-being.

13. Upgraded Autocorrect and Dictation abilities

Upgraded Autocorrect 1536x864 1

Apple has embraced AI technology and integrated a transformer language model into its keyboard, bringing enhanced functionality. The intelligent keyboard now offers more precise Autocorrect capabilities, ensuring accurate corrections while typing. Moreover, the on-device machine-learning language model learns your typing patterns over time, providing quick word suggestions and predictions tailored to your writing style.

Furthermore, iOS 17 introduces a new voice recognition model, which significantly improves the overall accuracy of dictation. If you prefer dictating instead of typing, you can enjoy the benefits of increased accuracy and efficiency in capturing your thoughts and messages. Embrace the advancements in AI-powered keyboard features, making your typing and dictation experiences more seamless and accurate.

14. Interactive widgets

Interactive widgets 1536x1152 1

Widgets serve the primary purpose of providing quick access to essential information at a glance. They eliminate the need to open individual applications for basic tasks and make accessing key features more convenient. With iOS 17, widgets offer even more functionality, allowing you to perform actions like playing music or controlling smart home devices directly from the widgets. Enjoy the convenience of accessing important features and performing tasks without the need for extensive app navigation.

iOS 17 release date

Apple unveiled iOS 17 during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5, 2023. Following the event, the developer beta of iOS 17 was made available for immediate access.

Traditionally, the stable version of iOS 17 is anticipated to be released in mid-September 2023, coinciding with the rumored launch of the iPhone 15 series. Stay tuned for the official release, bringing exciting new features and enhancements to iOS devices.

More power to iPhones with iOS 17!

In conclusion, the extensive range of new features in iOS 17 is sure to ignite excitement and anticipation. Apple’s unwavering dedication to innovation is evident in the subtle yet impactful enhancements integrated into this update.

Take the opportunity to explore the full potential of your updated device and embrace the remarkable capabilities that iOS 17 brings. We will continue to test each feature and provide updates, so stay tuned for the latest developments.

Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with iOS 17 and embark on a transformative user experience.

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