Windows 11 Uninstall Built-In Apps: Enhancing User Experience

Microsoft has just unveiled a fresh Canary build of Windows 11. This version empowers users to uninstall a greater selection of pre-installed apps compared to previous iterations. When a user initiates Windows 11 for the first time on a new device or performs a clean installation, they encounter a plethora of built-in apps. This assortment encompasses applications such as Camera, Cortana, OneDrive, Photos, People, among numerous others. Through the most recent insider build, Microsoft has relaxed its restrictions, granting users the freedom to remove more of these native apps.

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Uninstall Built-in Microsoft Apps for a Bloatware-Free Experience

With this latest update, users now have the opportunity to uninstall a greater number of pre-installed apps than ever before. This development is highly welcomed as many of these native apps often go untouched by users. In such instances, these apps can turn into “bloatware,” occasionally operating silently in the background and consuming valuable computing resources.

For certain individuals, removing these built-in apps translates to reclaiming storage space. While they may not occupy a substantial amount of storage individually, some users contend with limited space on their operating system drive and thus seek to eliminate as many apps as possible. Regardless, the removal of these built-in apps will significantly reduce the bloated feel of the Windows 11 experience.

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I find myself seldom using apps like Photos, Cortana, People, or the Remote Desktop app. Presently, the majority of users lack the ability to uninstall these apps within the current Windows 11 build. However, once the modifications from the insider preview are incorporated into the stable Windows 11 build, individuals will finally gain the choice to uninstall these system apps.

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In the meantime, take a look at our specialized manual for enhancing your Windows 11 encounter. This resource also outlines procedures for streamlining your PC using specific third-party applications, in case that aligns with your preferences. How do you perceive this recent alteration in Windows? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.

Q1: Can I uninstall all built-in apps in Windows 11?

No, certain built-in apps that are essential for the system’s stability and functionality cannot be uninstalled.

Q2: Will uninstalling built-in apps affect system performance?

Uninstalling non-essential built-in apps is unlikely to have a noticeable impact on system performance.

Q3: Can I reinstall apps that I’ve uninstalled?

Yes, Windows 11 will provide options to reinstall uninstalled built-in apps through the Microsoft Store.

Q4: When will the update allowing app uninstallation be available?

The exact release date for this update has not been confirmed, but it’s expected to roll out in the coming months.

Q5: Can I customize which built-in apps appear on my system?

While you can uninstall certain built-in apps, complete customization of the apps that appear is not currently supported.

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