The Ex Factor: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s Unforgettable Reunion in ‘I Can See You

In a surprising turn of events, Taylor Swift amazed her fans during her Kansas City show, just hours after releasing “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” by unveiling the captivating music video for “I Can See You.” Swift, the creative force behind the video, took on the roles of both writer and director, ensuring seamless integration with the “Speak Now” era. Adding to the excitement, the video featured notable stars such as Joey King, Taylor Lautner, and Presley Cash, who previously appeared in the 2011 music video for “Mean.”

It’s worth mentioning that Lautner, who is the inspiration behind “Back to December,” graced the stage alongside Cash and King during Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Kansas City on July 7, introducing the video to a stadium filled with enthusiastic fans.

Upon joining Swift on stage, Lautner showered her with praise, stating, “I have immense respect for you, not only as a singer, songwriter, and performer but also as a remarkable human being. Your grace, humility, and kindness are truly admirable, and I consider it an honor to know you.”

In the music video, the trio of actors collaborates to orchestrate Swift’s escape from a metaphorical vault. On Instagram, the “Antihero” singer shared her long-standing aspiration to bring this concept to life, symbolizing the unwavering support she received from her fans in her journey to reclaim her music.

“After months of anticipation, the ‘I Can See You’ video is finally here,” Swift wrote, accompanying a carousel of images from the music video set. “I wrote the treatment for this video over a year ago, aiming to symbolize the profound impact my fans have had on helping me regain control of my music. I had my heart set on @joeyking, @taylorlautner, and @helloimpresleycash as the stars. Joey and Presley, who appeared in the ‘Mean’ video when they were just 9 and 13 years old, respectively, are back, and their performances are phenomenal!”

Swift also revealed that Lautner performed all of his stunts in the action-packed video without a stunt double. “Taytay’s performance in this video is INCREDIBLE (no stunt double!) and a big shout-out to @taylautner for being such an awesome presence on set,” she continued. “The Tale of 3 Taylors. I always wanted to direct fight scenes and weave a captivating heist storyline, and I had an amazing time planning it all with my talented DP @selajon. I’m incredibly proud of this project.”

In her post, Swift included a photo of herself, Lautner, and his wife, Taylor Dome, playfully reenacting the iconic Spider-Man meme, where three Spider-Men point at each other in confusion. Dome also shared a similar photo on her Instagram, alongside a throwback picture of herself meeting Swift in 2010.

“@taylorswift, you are not only one of the most talented individuals to ever grace this earth (I truly believe there’s nothing you can’t do), but you are also one of THE kindest people,” Dome expressed. “You embraced my husband and me with open arms and the warmest heart. Your down-to-earth nature and unwavering authenticity, even after all these years in the spotlight, are truly inspiring. Your passion for your craft and genuine love for your fans is nothing short of incredible. It’s an honor to call you a friend.”

King also shared heartfelt sentiments towards Swift, captioning an Instagram post featuring photos from that memorable night, “Did any of this happen? Is it real? Taylor, you have been a monumental figure in my life since we first met when I was just 9 years old. I’ve known you for longer than I haven’t, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate. You are truly the embodiment of magic. I will love you forever.”

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