Netflix password sharing: Users discover a way to bypass password-sharing ban

In recent news, Netflix users have stumbled upon a clever workaround to bypass the platform’s password sharing ban. This unexpected revelation has sparked discussions among streaming enthusiasts, as they navigate the boundaries of account sharing and the consequences it entails. While Netflix has implemented measures to curb password-sharing practices, ingenious users have found a workaround that challenges the status quo. In this article, we will delve into the details of this discovery, explore its implications, and discuss the broader implications for streaming services and their user base.

The clever trick, originally shared on Reddit’s Unethical Life Pro Tips channel, has now spread to other online platforms despite the potential disapproval from Netflix.

If you know what VPN and LAN mean, using the hack will be easy for you. But if your friends or family members are not familiar with technology, they might need some help to set it up.

As per Redditors, this technique enables multiple devices to connect to a shared virtual network regardless of their global location. To accomplish this, users can download NordVPN and activate its meshnet feature, which is compatible with various devices, including Android TVs.

In terms of Netflix sharing, this implies that individuals can link to the primary account holder’s IP address. Consequently, they can purportedly continue using the account without incurring any charges.

To enforce its crackdown on password sharing, Netflix monitors the devices connected to your home internet network. Recently, the company issued a warning to British users, stating that a Netflix account should only be used within a single household. Those wishing to share their accounts with individuals who do not reside with them are required to pay an additional £5 fee per extra member.

Contrary to expectations, NordVPN’s Meshnet feature doesn’t necessitate connecting to a VPN to alter or conceal your IP address. Rather, it can redirect your internet traffic through a home TV or laptop.

Typically, this feature is employed by individuals who wish to remotely connect to their home computer while away. Additionally, gamers can utilize it to establish a Virtual LAN for online multiplayer gaming purposes.

How to use NordVPN Meshnet


To utilize meshnet, you will need to download NordVPN and create an account.

To activate the feature on a laptop, simply log in to the NordVPN app and enable the Meshnet toggle located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Within the dialogue box that emerges, choose the option “turn on Meshnet.”

To enable traffic routing, which allows multiple devices to appear connected to the same home internet, simply select “route traffic.” Subsequently, you will be presented with a list of devices that you can activate.

This will include all the devices that are logged into your NordVPN account.

To include “external” devices, including those from another NordVPN account, you can send invitations directly from the NordVPN app. Simply choose “Link Devices,” and then enter the respective email address.

The invitation will be displayed on any devices that have Meshnet enabled and are logged in.

Once the recipient accepts the invitation on a device, they will promptly join your Meshnet.

With NordVPN, you can connect up to 10 devices using a single Meshnet account, and an additional 50 external devices.


Q1. Is it illegal to share Netflix passwords?

A1. While sharing Netflix passwords is not illegal, it goes against Netflix’s terms of service. However, the legality surrounding password sharing can vary based on regional laws and circumstances. It’s best to review the terms of service and consult local regulations for a comprehensive understanding.

Q2. Can Netflix detect password sharing?

A2. Yes, Netflix can detect password sharing through various methods. They monitor the number of simultaneous streams and other factors to identify potential account sharing. Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing reflects their effort to discourage this practice.

Q3. Are there any consequences for sharing Netflix passwords?

A3. Sharing Netflix passwords can have consequences. When Netflix detects account sharing, they may limit the number of screens that can stream simultaneously or even suspend the account temporarily. It’s important to note that consequences may vary based on Netflix’s policies and the severity of the violation.

Q4. What can Netflix do to prevent password sharing?

A4. Netflix has implemented measures like limiting simultaneous streams and introducing stricter account verification processes to deter password sharing. They continue to explore new technologies and strategies to combat this issue effectively.

Q5. How can users enjoy Netflix together without sharing passwords?

A5. If users want to enjoy Netflix content together without sharing passwords, they can consider using Netflix’s official “Netflix Party” feature. This feature allows synchronized streaming among a group of friends or family members, providing a shared viewing experience without violating Netflix’s terms of service.

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