The Messi Effect: How Apple and Adidas Made Lionel Messi’s MLS Dream a Reality

In a surprising turn of events, Lionel Messi, undoubtedly one of the finest football players of our time, astounded the globe with his decision to join Inter Miami in the Major League Soccer. This unexpected move not only marks Messi’s departure from European football but also holds significant implications for Apple, making it a noteworthy development.

The connection between Apple and Lionel Messi’s transfer unfolds further as reports suggest that he will be entitled to a portion of the revenue generated by Apple TV’s Major League Soccer broadcasts. This intriguing collaboration adds another intriguing dimension to the story.

According to ESPN’s report, Lionel Messi’s agreement with Inter Miami goes beyond a simple salary arrangement. As part of the contract, Inter Miami has made a commitment to provide Messi with a percentage of the revenue generated by Apple TV’s MLS season pass streaming service. This unique aspect of the deal adds an interesting financial incentive for Messi in his new venture.

For those who may not be aware, Apple has recently secured the rights to stream Major League Soccer games on Apple TV+ across over 100 countries and regions. The MLS season pass, available for $14.99 per month or $99 per season, enables viewers to enjoy the exciting matches and coverage provided by Apple’s streaming service. This significant acquisition by Apple further highlights their commitment to offering diverse sports content to a global audience.

In an interesting twist, existing Apple TV+ subscribers will have the advantage of availing themselves of a discounted price for the MLS season pass. They can enjoy the thrilling soccer action for only $12.99 per month or $79 per season, compared to the regular prices. Apple has secured the exclusive streaming rights for MLS matches for the next decade, solidifying their long-term commitment to providing top-notch soccer content to their subscribers. This strategic move ensures that soccer enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the sport for years to come through Apple’s platform.

Apple to benefit from Messi’s move

The arrival of Lionel Messi has instantaneously transformed the Apple MLS Season Pass subscription into an incredibly sought-after offering. Arguably the most significant signing in MLS since David Beckham joined the league in 2007, Messi’s presence has the potential to greatly benefit Apple and attract football fans who may otherwise have limited interest in non-European football.

Adding to the anticipation, Apple recently announced a four-part documentary series dedicated to Lionel Messi. In hindsight, this announcement could be interpreted as a subtle hint before the news of Messi signing with Inter Miami broke out. The official Twitter account of Major League Soccer confirmed yesterday that Lionel Messi is currently in the process of finalizing his contract with Inter Miami.

“We are delighted that Lionel Messi has expressed his intention to join Inter Miami and Major League Soccer this summer. While there are still some details to be worked out, we eagerly await the formal agreement and the opportunity to welcome one of the greatest soccer players of all time to our league.”

Apple’s strategic timing of the MLS broadcast deal aligns perfectly with Lionel Messi’s signing, as well as the upcoming Women’s World Cup 2023 and Men’s World Cup 2026, both of which will be hosted in the United States and Canada. With America becoming a focal point for football enthusiasts, Apple, holding the streaming rights for the country’s premier football league, stands to benefit tremendously from this development.

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