iPad Air sixth generation with bumped specifications in development: Gurman

As Apple gears up to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, tech enthusiasts can expect more exciting news in the hardware department during their fall events. According to the reputable Apple analyst, Mark Gurman, the company has been diligently working on the latest version of the iPad Air, which promises significant enhancements and upgraded specifications compared to its predecessor.

In his weekly newsletter, Power On, Gurman discusses the future of iPads and sets the expectations straight. He reveals that significant upgrades for iPads, such as OLED displays and M3 chips, aren’t likely to happen until Apple decides to introduce iPad Pro models with these advanced features. Gurman does, however, reveal some positive news: Apple has plans to release an M3-powered iPad Pro next year. While the iPad Air is currently in development, Apple aims to enhance its specifications significantly, creating a more powerful and improved version of the beloved iPad Air.

But, Gurman has not revealed when is Apple planning to launch this spec bumped iPad Air.

In his informative newsletter, Gurman addresses the curiosity surrounding the iPad and its potential upgrades. He shares that historically, the iPad receives updates in October, but this time, major improvements may hold off until the arrival of the M3 iPad Pros equipped with OLED screens next year. Nevertheless, there’s good news as well: a new version of the iPad Air is currently in development, and it promises to elevate its specifications, offering an enhanced and exciting user experience.

Apple’s iPad Air lineup has seen quite a hiatus from significant upgrades, as it has been over a year since the last improvement. However, in March 2022, Apple delighted consumers with the unveiling of the 5th generation iPad Air, which brought impressive enhancements. Among its notable features were the powerful M1 chip, Center Stage support for an enhanced video calling experience, an improved front camera for better selfies and video chats, the addition of 5G support for faster connectivity, and the convenience of a USB-C charging port. These updates marked a substantial leap forward, providing users with a more capable and enjoyable iPad Air.

As of now, there are relatively no concrete rumors regarding Apple’s specific plans for the upcoming iPad Air. However, given the company’s history of innovation, it’s reasonable to speculate that they might draw inspiration from their iPad Pro lineup for the next iteration of the iPad Air. Potential enhancements could include a horizontally-aligned front camera, the integration of a Thunderbolt port for improved connectivity, the introduction of fresh and appealing color options, and the implementation of the highly anticipated M2 chip, promising enhanced performance and efficiency. While these are mere speculations, Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the official announcements, hoping for exciting surprises in the next iPad Air.

A leakster who goes by the username @Tech_Reve on Twitter tweeted that the iPad Air sixth generation will be powered by an M2 chip.

There is a strong likelihood that Apple will unveil the new iPad Air during its upcoming fall event, coinciding with the introduction of the latest iPhones. Apple tends to maintain a relatively consistent update schedule, and leaving a gap of more than 18 months without a new iPad Air would be atypical for the company. Considering that the current iPad Air model was launched in March 2022, it aligns well with Apple’s historical pattern of introducing refreshed models. As the event approaches, anticipation grows among Apple enthusiasts, eager to witness the potential unveiling of the new and improved iPad Air.

We will have to wait until the official announcement from Apple for the next iPad Air.

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