The Dark Side of Technology: How ChatGPT Was Misused to Spread Fake News About a Train Crash!

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences and legal implications of spreading misinformation. It highlights the importance of responsible use of technology and the need for individuals to verify the accuracy of information before sharing it with others.

A man in China has been arrested for fabricating a story about a train crash and spreading it online using ChatGPT technology. This marks the first reported arrest in China for the misuse of ChatGPT. According to the police in Gansu province, the suspect, identified by the surname Hong, was detained for generating false information through the use of artificial intelligence technology. The incident came to the attention of cybersecurity officers in Kongtong county when they discovered a fake news article claiming that nine people had died in a train accident. The article was shared by over 20 accounts on the Chinese platform Baijiahao and received more than 15,000 clicks before authorities intervened.

Following an investigation, law enforcement traced the source of the article back to a company owned by Hong. He was subsequently apprehended after a search of his home and computer. During interrogation, Hong admitted to circumventing Baijiahao’s duplication check function and disseminating the fabricated story across multiple accounts. To generate variations of the fake news quickly, he utilized ChatGPT and incorporated elements from trending social stories of previous years.

Although ChatGPT is not directly accessible to Chinese IP addresses, Chinese users can still employ the service by utilizing VPN connections. Chinese IT outlets have been exploring their own versions of ChatGPT since Microsoft and Google introduced their respective innovations.

China employs strict monitoring of social media platforms through firewalls to prevent the dissemination of content deemed critical of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

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