The Twitter Space Race: Ron DeSantis to Unveil Presidential Bid alongside Elon Musk

According to NBC News, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly preparing to announce his presidential campaign during a conversation with Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter. The announcement is scheduled to take place on Wednesday at 6 PM ET as part of a Twitter Spaces event. The discussion will be moderated by David Sacks, a former PayPal product leader and tech investor. Following the announcement, the DeSantis campaign is expected to release a formal campaign launch video and subsequently embark on a campaign trail after Memorial Day.

Lindsey Curnutte, a spokesperson for DeSantis, confirmed the event in an email to The Verge. When asked for comment, Twitter responded with its customary poop emoji auto-reply.

DeSantis’ decision to announce his campaign comes as his polling numbers have declined compared to former President Donald Trump. A recent Morning Consult poll indicated that DeSantis currently has the support of 20 percent of GOP primary voters, a decrease of nearly 15 percent from December 2022.

Since Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter in November 2022, he has garnered significant support among Republicans who have criticized social media companies for alleged conservative content censorship. During his presidency, Trump himself had been critical of these platforms and was ultimately banned from mainstream social media platforms, including Twitter, following the January 6th Capitol riot. After assuming control of Twitter, Musk reinstated Trump’s Twitter account, stating that “the people have spoken” after conducting a poll among his followers.

Prominent conservative commentators, such as former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, have also begun migrating their content to Twitter. Axios reported that The Daily Wire plans to bring all of its podcasts to the platform by the end of this month.

NBC News reports that Musk and DeSantis have known each other since meeting at a party in Austin, Texas. Both individuals reportedly share a close relationship with David Sacks, who will moderate the Twitter event on Wednesday. It remains unclear whether Musk intends to endorse DeSantis, despite suggesting his support for the Florida governor last year. Musk recently tweeted “great statement” in response to Republican Senator Tim Scott’s campaign announcement, hinting at his interest in the GOP presidential race.

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