Britney Spears Struggle: Family Fears the Grip of Meth Addiction

Britney Spears relatives and former spouse are concerned that she is using crystal methamphetamine.

The singer of the hit song ‘Toxic’ has been posting incoherent messages on social media, raising worries among her fans. Kevin Federline, the father of her sons Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, has expressed his fear of receiving a call informing him of her untimely demise. He is desperate for her to seek help, and her children share the same sentiment.

In an interview with documentary-maker Daphne Barak, Kevin revealed, “I’m afraid she’s using meth. I’ve been praying for someone to expose it and for her to realize the situation. It’s truly terrifying. She is the mother of my boys. Every time the phone rings, I dread receiving devastating news. I don’t want my sons to wake up one morning and discover that their mother has overdosed.”

Daphne, who has been working on a documentary involving Kevin, Britney’s sons, her parents, and her brother for nine months, wrote in the Mail on Sunday that the boys refuse to meet with the 41-year-old singer. They claim to have witnessed drug deliveries at her residence.

Preston said, “We just want her to hear what we have to say.”

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, also fears that his daughter might meet a premature end, similar to troubled British singer Amy Winehouse, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 27. When discussing Amy Winehouse, Jamie remarked, “Yes, yes, exactly… Britney may suffer the same fate.”


Despite facing criticism from Britney’s fans for his role in overseeing her conservatorship for 13 years until November 2021, Jamie insisted that he has always acted in his daughter’s best interests. He stated, “Compare her well-being back then to how she is doing now.”

Earlier this year, there were rumors of an intervention being planned for Britney, orchestrated by Jodi Montgomery, the singer’s former conservator who remained on her team at Britney’s request. However, the intervention did not materialize, and Britney took to Instagram to deny its existence.

Daphne shared her account, saying, “Jodi had instructed Kevin to prepare the boys for what was about to happen. I was filming with him when the moment arrived. I watched him anxiously, glued to his phone, waiting for a text from Jodi confirming that the intervention was underway. However, no text ever came—only a message stating that Jodi had resigned. When rumors about the intervention surfaced online, Britney went on Instagram and refuted the story, claiming that no such plan existed. But I was there. In reality, she had been alerted, and the scheme fell apart.”

Daphne revealed that a concerned family member informed her, “This was the final opportunity to save her.”

Preston and Jayden have had “meaningful conversations” with their mother over the phone but are not yet ready to visit her. They recounted past erratic behavior, such as Britney insisting on bathing them when they were 11 and 12 years old and an incident where they found her standing near her youngest son’s bedroom door with a knife.

Jayden remembered, “She was holding a knife while she stood there.”

Daphne observed, “The boys are doing their best to focus on their future. It is evident that they feel helpless in influencing their mother’s life. Their only power is to keep their distance, hoping that one day she will understand their concerns, and they can mend their relationship.”

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